‘Best of luck (in these times)’…they said aloud or silently in their heads!  Having incorporated the business in early February, we then changed our job titles on LinkedIn and gained overwhelming support and encouraging words from our amazing network. (Thank you so much for that.) Our venture sparked interest from colleagues, peers and friends alike and it was exciting to see the huge volume of traffic flow through the newly launched Cast website. Although we got heaps of support, we gulped because we knew the spread of Covid-19 was gaining momentum around the world and the UK response was beginning to look uncertain. It was a sobering moment because navigating an existing solid business through a global pandemic is one thing, but to start a new one, could be the craziest and daftest idea we’ve ever had! When our Prime Minister addressed the nation and shut the

How many times have you completed a project which has gone well but could have gone better, or somewhat further down the scale… has been a nightmare and could not have gone any worse? It’s usually at this point where we vow to never make the same mistakes again and plan a golden future where that particular error is never repeated! The reality is as an industry, construction (among a wide array of others) seems to have a habit of repeating the same mistakes over and over again, despite being filled with; competent, intelligent and experienced professionals. So how could this possibly be the case? #1 Blame Culture When things go wrong often you hear utterances such as “who is responsible for this”. This is also usually the point where people start to distance themselves from the likely name to be offered up in response to this question (some