Our Story

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Our Story

We are a business borne out of a desire to do what is right for our staff and operatives whilst serving our clients to the very highest levels.  The founding members of Cast aspire to hold our values at the core of everything we do.  For any company, to truly stick to its guiding principles is challenging, as we understand most businesses have an overriding need to ‘feed a machine’; for Cast our boutique and niche approach allows us to stay close to our original goals.

We want to be the company that says ‘no’ more than it says ‘yes’ to a tender opportunity.  How?  We have decided to set on a path that is based upon working with core reciprocal clients, entirely focussed on a flawless and enjoyable project, with transparent communication and be known for an approach that can only be identified as refreshing within our industry.

All of our journeys have been exciting and full of learning, and the one thing we knew we would do when we embarked upon this next chapter, was to evolve and never stand still.  Feel free to put us to the task!

Our Values



We are always seeking best value for our clients, but our way is unashamedly unconventional; we are a true open book. Whether it’s a framework, measured rates or more conventional procurement we will always strive to offer an edge; not by racing to the bottom but by providing genuine added value.



Is so much more than just working together. We serve you best by being involved in your plans from the point of inception, offering a contractor’s perspective can bring a further dimension and we’d welcome you putting us to the challenge.



We realise that our actions, both in the office and on site directly affect the world we live in. We strive to ensure that all outcomes of what we do are positive, for our clients, our supply chain and ultimately the end users of our product.